Easy Prosecco Recipes | EGO

It's Saturday night. You've cleaned your place, (wait, you have cleaned it haven't you?) you've got the perfect party look for the club, and you're hosting pre drinks. Obvs you wanna be the best hostess so why not impress them with these simple and Instagram-worthy prosecco cocktails?


What you need: Prosseco , rose syrup, raspberries

Method: Fill your flute with a prosecco and add 1tbsp of rose syrup. Be extra and add a cute raspberry for a jaw-dropping reaction.

A Midnight Kiss

What you need: Vodka, jasmine tea syrup, prosecco

Method: Add 30ml of vodka to your glass, (we recommend Grey Goose), 120ml of Prosecco and 15ml of Jasmine Tea Syrup. To go the extra mile, rub a wedge of lemon around the rim of the glass and dip half in sugar and half into lavender buds for extra points like @imbibe_and_enjoy

Candyfloss Cocktail

What you need: Prosecco, candy floss

Method: Okay so this is pretty easy, pour your prosecco into your glass, then just before you take a drink add a small pinch of cotton candy. This is so easy and looks (and tastes) uh-mazing. You can check out the full recipe here

Classic Raspberry Bellini

What you need: Raspberry Puree or Syrup, Basil (to garnish), a raspberry and Prosecco of course

Method: Pour 15ml of raspberry or syrup into your flute, top up with prosseco and then sprinkle some basil leaves and a raspberry for extra taste - unless your already drunk, so then just skip the garnishes.

Sparkling Cranberry Prosecco

What you need: Cranberry juice, prosecco, cranberries and raspberries to garnish.

Method: You can't really mess this one up. Add a shot of cranberry to your prosecco and then add some cranberries to decorate. You can view the full recipe here

Shimmer Prosecco

What you need: Pop and Ball shimmer and bubbles, shop here

Add your shimmer and balls to a glass of prosecco and serve.

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