Trainers are a staple in any shoedrobe. They're a must-have, no matter what the season. With new faux-leather styles, studded detailing and the hot AF chunky trainers - there's a style for every vibe.
For those days where you don't feel like wearing heels - trainers are there for you, girl. Chunky trainers can add a bit of edge to just about any outfit - it's all about the stylin'. Style with raw hem denim and a comfy AF chunky knit for those days where comfort is key, or throw on with a chic t-shirt dress for a super edgy look. However you style 'em, we can guarantee you'll be comfy, cool and trendy AF.

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            1. Camillo Studded Detail Trainer In Rose Gold
              €35.99 Special Price €14.99
            2. Troy Chunky Train In Grey And Yellow
              €35.99 Special Price €17.99
            3. Troy Chunky Train In Blue and Orange
              €35.99 Special Price €17.99
            4. Athena Chunky Sole Trainer In Black
              €41.99 Special Price €23.99
            5. Athena Chunky Sole Trainer In Red
              €41.99 Special Price €23.99
            6. Ayana Chunky Sole Trainer In Grey Faux Suede
              €35.99 Special Price €21.99
            7. Pluto Chunky Trainer In Black And Blue
              €46.99 Special Price €28.99
            8. Pluto Chunky Trainer In White And Silver
              €46.99 Special Price €28.99
            9. Pluto Chunky Trainer In Grey And Yellow
              €46.99 Special Price €28.99

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