Trend setter or not, there's something in here for every style, look and occasion. Whether you're a frill seeker, casj-cool chick, party goer, prom queen, getting festival ready, kitted out for a wedding or off on your holidays; we've got something for you.

Whatever the occasion, Ego always has you covered for the hottest shoe styles. Join the #EGOSQUAD.

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            1. Catwalk Peep Toe Platform Heel In Red Patent
              €46.99 Special Price €15.99
            2. Perrie Lace Up Heel In Khaki Lycra
              €29.99 Special Price €11.99
            3. Catwalk Peep Toe Platform Heel In Mocha Patent
              €46.99 Special Price €15.99
            4. Catwalk Peep Toe Platform Heel In Black Patent
              €46.99 Special Price €15.99
            5. Kenzie Chunky Sole Sandal In Pink Faux Fur
              €35.99 Special Price €11.99
            6. Aero Chunky Sole Trainer In Grey Camouflage
              €35.99 Special Price €11.99
            7. Angel Barely There Heel In Red Faux Suede
              €29.99 Special Price €14.99
            8. Poker Chunky Sole Sandal In Black Faux Leather
              €41.99 Special Price €11.99

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