Blazer Co-ords

Get ready to unleash your inner fashion icon with our collection of blazer co-ords. These sets are not your average office attire. At EGO, we've curated a selection of blazer and skirt sets that will have you exuding confidence and sophistication. It's time to make a statement with our fierce blazer co-ords.

Our blazer co-ords are the epitome of chic power dressing. Imagine yourself strutting into a room, commanding attention with a perfectly tailored blazer and skirt set that hugs your curves in all the right places. With a range of styles, from sleek and structured to bold and vibrant, our blazer co-ord sets cater to your individual taste and empower you to embrace your unique sense of style.

With our blazer co-ords, you'll turn heads and make a lasting impression. Whether you're owning the boardroom, attending a glamorous event, or simply expressing your inner fashionista, these sets will have you radiating confidence and sophistication.

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  1. Strappy Lace Trim Detail Bralet In Black
    As low as €14.00 ( 30% off) Regular Price €20.00
  2. Drape Side Tailored Mini Skirt In Grey Pinstripe
    As low as €14.00 ( 26% off) Regular Price €19.00
  3. Belted Waist Detail Blazer In Washed Blue Denim
    As low as €19.00 ( 55% off) Regular Price €42.00
  4. Side Split Deconstructed Mini Skirt In Black
    As low as €7.00 ( 71% off) Regular Price €24.00
  5. Diamante Thong Strap Detail Mini Skirt In Pink
    As low as €7.00 ( 74% off) Regular Price €27.00
  6. Waist Strap Detail Micro Mini Skirt In Purple
    As low as €7.00 ( 68% off) Regular Price €22.00
  7. Halterneck Cupped Detail Corset Crop Top In Purple
    As low as €7.00 ( 68% off) Regular Price €22.00
  8. Long Sleeve Deconstructed Cropped Blazer In Black
    As low as €13.00 ( 52% off) Regular Price €27.00
  9. Oversized Sequin Detail Blazer In Blue Denim
    As low as €13.00 ( 72% off) Regular Price €47.00