Long Sleeve Crop Tops

Our range of killer crop long sleeve tops has something for every occasion. Looking for your next brunch outfit? We got you. Need a going out outfit? We still got you. Desperately searching for a date night outfit? We’ve got you covered! Your new long sleeve crop top will be your ultimate go-to!

Keep arms covered and cosy yet show off a sultry peak of body in a crop long sleeve top this season. Perfectly paired with everyone’s fave - a pair of high waisted trousers - long sleeve crop tops are both playful and practical, making them a fab choice for both daytime and evening wear! 

Shop long sleeve crop tops from EGO today and get ready to make any outfit next level.

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  1. Long Sleeve Crop Top In Denim Printed Slinky
    As low as €7.00 ( 59% off) Regular Price €17.00
  2. Long Sleeve Crop Top In Multi Pink Printed Slinky
    As low as €4.00 ( 78% off) Regular Price €18.00
  3. Long Sleeve Bra Printed Crop Top In Pink Slinky
    As low as €7.00 ( 76% off) Regular Price €29.00
  4. Long Sleeve Crop Top In White Fishnet
    As low as €7.00 ( 46% off) Regular Price €13.00
  5. Long Sleeve Hooded Crop Top In Taupe
    As low as €8.00 ( 38% off) Regular Price €13.00
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